Meditation as a Lifestyle: Meditation See Past Life

There’s this phenomena in the meditation community that says so will use┬áVipassana meditation see past life. And even though this is possible, I’m here to say that it may be true for those that claim it (there’s no way to know unless you are that person), but for me it is not the experience I’ve had. There is so much that is left to the imagination through meditation. How vast our internal world is compared to the external. How inaccessible it seems before learning to sit and meditate.

I hop that you can find peace within meditation. The blessing of having an outlet like this is beyond me. I never knew that when I first sat to try and experience whatever phenomena was in store, that I would be able to tap into a refuge for me during my hardest developmental years. Speed into the present day, where the stress of adulting has everyone around me being diagnosed with different forms of anxiety, This I was blessed to find meditation as a natural anxiety cure. A natural calm, more natural than natural calm (sorry I had to). I have experienced intense patterns and colors that I later was told were representative of the chakras. I don’t know how to interpret any of these ideas, I do know that meditation has been very helpful for me in dealing with life. There, I said it simple, and as honest as it gets. I remember reading a meme about working out that said something along the lines of “Someone asked me what I was training for, I said LIFE!” I totally get that, and I also believe that people need to approach meditation under the same premise as Yoga, Running, or any other physical activity. The more you do it, the better you become. Also, the best benefits come from a lifetime of doing (ok, running is debatable).

The point of this article is to demystify. Yes, maybe you will be able to achieve some sacred insight into your past life through meditation, but probably not. Perhaps you should meditate for 3 months, get consistent, and see where it takes you ­čÖé