Panic Attack And Anxiety Relief

I remember it like yesterday.

There I was, sitting on my couch feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what the next thing I should do would be. My first time ever I was having a panic attack. The lump came to my throat just now as I recall the memory. Without a doubt, I couldn’t live with this being a common occurrence in my life. I feel very much lucky to have dodged the effects of high-stress as I’ve led a life full of high risk/high reward. Not knowing what or where the next puzzle piece would come from, I would put my head down and trudge forward (or so I thought) using long working hours as my only benchmark because I didn’t realize that being productive was the priority. Through an early introduction to meditation I was able to understand what it meant to remain calm and relaxed in the face of opposition. Like anyone else, we only exhibit so much willpower, and thus we need tools in order to keep our affliction in check when our more active defenses are fatigued.  

Panic Attack

From what I’ve gathered from the good ole interwebs, I’ve realized that Panic Attacks are much more violent and effect the victim physically. The symptoms seem almost seizuresque and generally seem very much dangerous on a life-or-death level.


Anxiety Attack

So this thing called anxiety might actually be worse than debilitating panic attacks due to the residual effects it can have on the psyche over time. The dread of going through life anticipating a rough road is far worse than experiencing a rough road and then reaching an end.

To be clear, both disorders are debilitating and very scary when experienced. I can’t say I’ve had much anxiety outside of what I’ve induced via my career path. I say that to point at the fact that I know what causes it and I have remedies for getting rid of it. I can say that the panic attacks I once had (2 major ones) were life-altering as they represented points in my life in which major change took place afterwards. So, should you avoid anxiety and panic all together? Yes, of course but if you are in a constant state-of-war with either here are a few things I use to combat each.


  • Take a couple days off
  • Yoga
  • Swim
  • Jog


  • Wine
  • Meditation
  • Draw/Paint
  • Plan

Mosaic 728x90

I’m obviously oversimplifying, but I think it’s good to note that one ailment is largely physical while the other is psychological in nature. Panic Attack And Anxiety Relief Not to try and downplay either, I am just so aware of the issues as to the extent that I have been able to experience them partially in my own life. I do know that when I work out regularly (i.e. daily) I am far more relaxed and able to take on more tough daily tasks. I’ve also incorporated meditation into my life even going as far as purchasing a comfortable seat that serves more as a reminder for meditation than anything.

There are tools, I’m not going to pretend like I’ve tried each and every one of them but some of the most interesting ones I’ve come across are as follows: – recently available at the Apple Store, I think this technology is great, reminding you to breath and relax throughout the day

Mosaic Weighted Blanket – I’m guilty of this, I love my favorite fluffy blanket and how comfortable it is at times.

Anti-Anxiety Plus – I’ve never used anxiety drugs, but I have used nootropics and this blend seems to have some familiar properties so I’d give it a shot and take not of the effects.


Zen Mental

Learn more about meditation and how it can help you live with anxiety and panic attacks.